Thursday, January 24, 2008

POP - You Might Think (Ukulele Version)

Here's a one-time only live performance by Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes strumming thier 80's classic "You Might Think" on his ukulele from the great WBUR show Radio Boston.

Listen to the compete show this song comes from, Beantown Blues: Making it on the Boston Music Scene, and make sure to catch Radio Boston live each week Fridays from 1-2pm Eastern Time. Log on and listen in to thier live stream: .

Please show your support for public radio!

You Might Think.mp3

Sunday, January 20, 2008

CELEBRITY- Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay

Remember when Muhammad Ali could talk?
Remember when he was the greatest athlete of our century?
What about the time he fought Mr. Tooth Decay with the help of Ossie Davis and Frank Sinatra?

If your drawing a blanking on that last one, then you've never had the pleasure of hearing one of the most bizarrely amazing things he was ever involved with. 1974 brought us one of the most legendary vinyl records ever made, Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay. The album features an A-list cast of celebrities all in rather ridiculous poses. Frank Sinatra, for instance, appears as a desperate ice cream vendor insisting Muhammad Ali force the gang of children that's following him (all orphans?) to eat ice cream. "No, kids! Ice cream hassa lotta sugah innit! Ice cream causes cavahtehs!"

Yet none of this holds a candle to when Ali, through song, brags about being the one who put the crack in the Liberty Bell! I can't help but think that what was once seen as a super human feat of strength in 74', would most likely be interrupted as an act of terrorism today. It makes one wounder why he limited his path of destruction to only America? He could have boasted to knocking off the nose of the Spinx in Egypt or leaning the Eiffel Tower with one blow.

To find out who comes out on top in this epic battle of hygienic proportions check out todays monumental postings. Also make sure to take a look at the completely absurd album cover galley. FIGHT!

Ali Fight Song.mp3
Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay (Part 1).mp3

"Mind-Blowing" Cover Gallery

RACIAL - World Famous Minstrel Show

The cover to this hallowed tome of yesteryear advertises “songs, jokes, laughs and gags galore!” What is not mentioned is the terrifying glee taken by the hellishly untalented all white performers in recreating a supposedly authentic old-timey minstrel show.

I dare you to not stare at your speakers in disbelief as the announcer introduces the band as, “all Blacked up and ready to go!”

The real surprise to this album, besides its politically incorrect ideas of nostalgia, lies on its reverse side. There you’ll find all your favorite minstrel songs of yore played instrumentally on a pipe organ so the whole family can join together in an old fashioned racist song-a-long. While admirable, if you your friends and family are truly yearning that much for some communal togetherness for god’s sake PLAY A BOARD GAME!

Truly there is nothing like a minstrel show “To bring back days of long ago.”

The World Famous Minstrel Show.mp3

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SOUNDTRACK - Branded to Kill - The Films of Seijun Suzuki

Feel there aren't enough films about a chipmunch-cheeked contracted killer who has a sexual fetish for sniffing boiling rice?

Not to worry, master avant garde Nikkatsu action director Suzuki Seijun made Branded to Kill just to fill that bottomless void left in your being all these years. We're talking about a movie that is so progressive and radical in its storytelling and film making that it famously got Suzuki fired from his contract directing position at the Nikkatsu Company in 1967.

Decades later, Suzuki laughed last, and over sixty films and one Japanese Best Picture Award later he's been immortalized as one of Japan's greatest cinematic treasures.

But enough about the man, your here for the music and today's installment is a doosey. I present to you the complete never released soundtrack to Branded to Kill, frankensteined together by yours truely from the very movie itself. While this does leave the occasional line of dialoge or gun shot in, I believe it only adds to the fun. Enjoy.

BRANDED TO KILL - [Koroshi No Rakuin] 19967
  1. Branded Theme.mp3
  2. The Chase.mp3
  3. We Are Beasts.mp3
  4. Dead Bird.mp3
  5. Butterfly Graveyard.mp3
  6. Feather Like Thing.mp3
  7. To Kill A Butterfly.mp3
  8. Goodbye Forever.mp3
  9. All Dead.mp3
  10. I'm A Beast.mp3
  11. Bottle and a Body.mp3
  12. Vanished.mp3
  13. Killer Bossanova.mp3
  14. The Balloon "I'm Champion".mp3
  15. Branded to Kill - End Theme.mp3

Monday, January 14, 2008


Today's selection is a haunting little ditty, "This Star is Mine" from the band Coming Soon. The glorious music video shot with Stanley Brinks & Freschard in the band's basement in Annecy, Kidderminster (apparently somewhere in France!) is a little slice of DIY heaven. If anyone knows anything more about this great band please leave a comment.

This Star Is Mine.mp3