Friday, February 29, 2008

SOUNDTRACK - Don (1978) Kalyanji Anandji

This Indian super-single comes courtesy 0f the soundtrack to the classic Bollywood film "Don".With its crazy 60's guitar riffs and psychedelic spy movie overtones, I'd have to say that this is a truely great find. If the movie "Don" is anywhere as insane as this theme song no wonder its remains one of Bollywood's most popular films of all time.

DON Theme (1978)

(BONUS) - Music From The Third Floor - Bollywood beats, ballads and bombs mp3 Blog

Friday, February 22, 2008

OSCAR - The Year's Best Songs 2007

Hands down my favorite movie this year was the underappreciated musical HAIRSPRAY. In a year filled with an over abundance of downer films it stood out as a reminder that fun, silliness and joy could still be found at the local megaplex. In fact most of my top picks this year tended to be heavy on the musical side (Once, La Vie En Rose, I'm Not There and Enchanted) Here's a sampling of some of the best songs to grace the screen in 2007...

HAIRSPRAY - "Good Morning Baltimore"

Perverts, rats and garbage are just a few of the wonderful things to wake up to everyday in sunny Baltimore. Congrats to first time director Adam Shankman and super-composer Marc Shaiman for helping to shoot Baltimore's tourist industry through the roof. It's tragic that Oscar rules kept this film from getting any nods, but hopefully its devoted fans will make it a cult classic in decades to come.

ONCE - "Falling Slowly"

Boy meets girl. They make a record and guy buys girl a piano. That's the plot to Once in a nutshell. Its greatness is in its simplicity, and I for one can't wait to see them preform Falling Slowly on Oscar night and take home the award.

Le Vie En Rose

Marion Cotillard is Edith Piaf, and hopefully she'll be rewarded for her show stopping performance with a little golden man come Oscar night. What's truly rewarding is that Le Vie En Rose has given us the resurgence of Piaf's music. What is old is new again, and knowing here tragic story only makes the achievement of her short life that much more sweet.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

MUSICAL - Robocop the Musical (Murphy It's You)

Half robot. Half man. All singing cyborg cop.

I'm an absolute freak for the movie Robocop, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would make a great premise for a musical. Enter brothers Jon & Al Kaplan , the songwriting duo behind the cult show SILENCE! Silence of the Lambs: The Musical . The first and only song to birth from this twisted premise is a duet performed by RoboCop and Officer Lewis entitled Murphy It's You.

Is it good? Frighteningly so! At its best, the Kaplan's music holds its own against the likes of Marc Shaiman (Hairspray, North) and the works of Ashman and Menken. Unfortunately since SILENCE! premiered in '05, the brothers haven't released any new material, so it appears an anxious world must further hold its collective breath while awaiting their next twisted concoction.
"I'd Buy That for A Dollar".

Robocop The Musical - Murphy It's You.mp3

Bonus -Here's a selection of other one-hit-wonders from the Kaplan's

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WEIRD - Chocolate Rain (cover) by Chad Vader

I've always found myself woefully behind the times when it comes to viral phenomenons, so imagine my surprise when today I finally heard the wonderchild that is Tay Zonday singing Chocolate Rain. Gold though this may be, what good would come from posting something that's already enslaved the internet with its stupidity a billion-fold already. My answer is this equally mind-numbing cover of Chocolate Rain by none other then Chad Vader.

Who is Chad Vader you might ask? He's the less charismatic brother of Darth Vader, who is the day shift manager of a grocery store and star of a very funny "Lucas Approved" web series of the same name. Does the idea of brown rain disgust anyone else? BLAH!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOVE - The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else) by Al Jolson

Today love is in the air, and one of my favorite love songs is all about the one that got away.
"The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)" was first introduced by the one and only Al Jolson and this perticular live verson of the song is simply inspired. Only a master like Jolson could be such an entertaining showman one minute while simultaniously breaking your heart the next. The little touch he adds at the end,"belongs, belongs, beloooongs..." brings a tear to the eye every time.

Expect more Jolson in the coming posts, until then make sure to tell your special someone you love them or you to my be finding yourself singing the blues too.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

SOUNDTRACK - Forbidden Zone (1980)

This completely brilliant little ditty comes your way from the soundtrack to Richard Elfman's cult classic Forbidden Zone. It's the tune Pico and Sepulveda (1947) by Felix Figueroa and His Orchestra. I chose this song in particular because while it appears in the movie (see above video) its nowhere to be found on the soundtrack itself. This phantom gem was once a holy grail among record collectors until the internet came around, yet still it sees little air play outside of the occasional midnight screening of Forbidden Zone. If you like what you hear you'll love the rest of the CD which features appearances from The Kipper Kids, Danny Elfman and the The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. While your at it buy the DVD too.

(Bonus Link) Check out info on Richard Elfman's Forbidden Zone-esk new film The Sixth Element

Pico and Sepulveda.mp3

Friday, February 1, 2008

DIRTY - Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts

"Nuts! Hot Nuts! You get them from the Peanut Man."

Today's found nugget is hot, DAMN HOT! Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts to be specific, and if you’re freezing your butt off like I am hot nuts are the way to go.

The album Hot Nuts by the raunchy early 1960s southern campus band Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts was one of the greatest musical discoveries of my teens. Its raw sound, risqué lyrics and filthy jokes on songs with titles like "Big Jugs" and "Two Old Maids" knocked me on my pasty white ass laughing.

Hot Nuts along with the legendary Rudy Ray Moore would set me on a path of hilarious debauchery that still continues today, and for better or worse has shaped me into the degenerate that posts before you.

Big Jugs.mp3
Two Old Maids.mp3
Hot Nuts.mp3 (coming soon)