Thursday, February 21, 2008

MUSICAL - Robocop the Musical (Murphy It's You)

Half robot. Half man. All singing cyborg cop.

I'm an absolute freak for the movie Robocop, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would make a great premise for a musical. Enter brothers Jon & Al Kaplan , the songwriting duo behind the cult show SILENCE! Silence of the Lambs: The Musical . The first and only song to birth from this twisted premise is a duet performed by RoboCop and Officer Lewis entitled Murphy It's You.

Is it good? Frighteningly so! At its best, the Kaplan's music holds its own against the likes of Marc Shaiman (Hairspray, North) and the works of Ashman and Menken. Unfortunately since SILENCE! premiered in '05, the brothers haven't released any new material, so it appears an anxious world must further hold its collective breath while awaiting their next twisted concoction.
"I'd Buy That for A Dollar".

Robocop The Musical - Murphy It's You.mp3

Bonus -Here's a selection of other one-hit-wonders from the Kaplan's

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