Friday, February 1, 2008

DIRTY - Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts

"Nuts! Hot Nuts! You get them from the Peanut Man."

Today's found nugget is hot, DAMN HOT! Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts to be specific, and if you’re freezing your butt off like I am hot nuts are the way to go.

The album Hot Nuts by the raunchy early 1960s southern campus band Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts was one of the greatest musical discoveries of my teens. Its raw sound, risqué lyrics and filthy jokes on songs with titles like "Big Jugs" and "Two Old Maids" knocked me on my pasty white ass laughing.

Hot Nuts along with the legendary Rudy Ray Moore would set me on a path of hilarious debauchery that still continues today, and for better or worse has shaped me into the degenerate that posts before you.

Big Jugs.mp3
Two Old Maids.mp3
Hot Nuts.mp3 (coming soon)

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