Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SOUNDTRACK - Branded to Kill - The Films of Seijun Suzuki

Feel there aren't enough films about a chipmunch-cheeked contracted killer who has a sexual fetish for sniffing boiling rice?

Not to worry, master avant garde Nikkatsu action director Suzuki Seijun made Branded to Kill just to fill that bottomless void left in your being all these years. We're talking about a movie that is so progressive and radical in its storytelling and film making that it famously got Suzuki fired from his contract directing position at the Nikkatsu Company in 1967.

Decades later, Suzuki laughed last, and over sixty films and one Japanese Best Picture Award later he's been immortalized as one of Japan's greatest cinematic treasures.

But enough about the man, your here for the music and today's installment is a doosey. I present to you the complete never released soundtrack to Branded to Kill, frankensteined together by yours truely from the very movie itself. While this does leave the occasional line of dialoge or gun shot in, I believe it only adds to the fun. Enjoy.

BRANDED TO KILL - [Koroshi No Rakuin] 19967
  1. Branded Theme.mp3
  2. The Chase.mp3
  3. We Are Beasts.mp3
  4. Dead Bird.mp3
  5. Butterfly Graveyard.mp3
  6. Feather Like Thing.mp3
  7. To Kill A Butterfly.mp3
  8. Goodbye Forever.mp3
  9. All Dead.mp3
  10. I'm A Beast.mp3
  11. Bottle and a Body.mp3
  12. Vanished.mp3
  13. Killer Bossanova.mp3
  14. The Balloon "I'm Champion".mp3
  15. Branded to Kill - End Theme.mp3


Jeffrey Anton Gomez said...

Thank you for this.

playjazzloud said...

thx! great idea to pull the soundtrack from this awesome film.

Nolan Bruce said...

Can't tell you how grateful I am for this.

Sylvie Migner said...

Thank you for this. Merci beaucoup. J'apprécie énormément!

O-St.Clair said...

Thank you so much for your work. One of my all time favorites hands down and Joe "The Ace" Shishido...forget about it. Too cool! Thank you again!