Sunday, January 20, 2008

RACIAL - World Famous Minstrel Show

The cover to this hallowed tome of yesteryear advertises “songs, jokes, laughs and gags galore!” What is not mentioned is the terrifying glee taken by the hellishly untalented all white performers in recreating a supposedly authentic old-timey minstrel show.

I dare you to not stare at your speakers in disbelief as the announcer introduces the band as, “all Blacked up and ready to go!”

The real surprise to this album, besides its politically incorrect ideas of nostalgia, lies on its reverse side. There you’ll find all your favorite minstrel songs of yore played instrumentally on a pipe organ so the whole family can join together in an old fashioned racist song-a-long. While admirable, if you your friends and family are truly yearning that much for some communal togetherness for god’s sake PLAY A BOARD GAME!

Truly there is nothing like a minstrel show “To bring back days of long ago.”

The World Famous Minstrel Show.mp3

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