Thursday, January 24, 2008

POP - You Might Think (Ukulele Version)

Here's a one-time only live performance by Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes strumming thier 80's classic "You Might Think" on his ukulele from the great WBUR show Radio Boston.

Listen to the compete show this song comes from, Beantown Blues: Making it on the Boston Music Scene, and make sure to catch Radio Boston live each week Fridays from 1-2pm Eastern Time. Log on and listen in to thier live stream: .

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You Might Think.mp3

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Meghna said...

Hey, I'm a reporter at Radio Boston. Thank you so much for finding our show about local music, and the Greg Hawkes special recording he did for us.

I see you've got our mp3 of the song on your website. I think it would be even better if you pointed people to our post -- we've got a video of Hawkes, the original mp3, and special video from other bands who performed on the show.

The link:


- Meghna Chakrabarti